Thursday, December 31, 2009

In with minutes to spare - goodbye 2009

Happy New Years Eve everyone! I know, I know this is a late entry for the day but this afternoon got really busy! Here I was wondering what I was going to do for an entry and now there is just so much to tell you. Where do I start?

Hmm, well yesterday I had Lesson 1 - 'To be a pirate like Jack Sparrow you need a fast boat and need to have some sea legs'
Today I had Lesson 2 - 'When Geoff says 'what's in that cupboard?' - DON'T open it!'

First story of this afternoon. We'd been busy doing something, I can't remember now but then Geoff innocently said to Digby, shall we look in that lazarette and see how it's going? Opened it and it was full of water and a bottle of something had leaked. 'Take one for the team Suze' stepped in and I found myself down in the lazarette pumping out the water. Then it got a bit further down and I was filling up buckets and handing them up to Digby. It all got a bit messy. Once I emerged Digby had to laugh as he said I looked like a mud wrestler coming up from my den. I think the truth would have been closer to a story of a whale emerging and beaching herself on the deck so there had to be a quick phonecall to Greenpeace to let them know all was ok, I did actually intend to be on the boat. Emergency averted. I did enjoy another Atlantic shower though and it was good. We still didn't manage to empty the water out, or find out where the leak is. We've shut the door now and are pretending we haven't seen it. Mike, don't worry we'll sort it when we get to Tortola!

Next we were busy doing interviews for Digby so look out for us on the BBC tomorrow! Lots of holding light reflector things and trying to not look like a dork on camera. I guess we can't expect him to do miracles for me! He did ask me to brush my hair this morning. I laughed and told him I don't own a brush. I think he thought I was joking....

In between all of that I was preparing dinner (chicken curry tonight) and twisted Digby's rubber arm to finish off the last tiny bit in the bottle of wine. I rinsed it out and then wrote a message. Hear that people??? I was preparing to send out a message in a bottle! So I wrote my message, 'we're on Impossible Dream, we're going from here to here, write to us at and all that'. I got pretty excited. Digby was kind enough to take a photo of me with my message and bottle and then took a little video of me throwing it into the ocean. Geoff and Digby said I throw like a girl. I think secretly they were just envious they couldn't throw it like me. Shall I remind them of the fish bludgeoning episode? Hehehe.

Right, next on the list of things was a beautiful clear sunset. It was pretty special and we all went out to see if we could see this thing called the green flash. Legend says it's a mythical flash of light where if you are lucky enough to see it you are endowed with the power to look into your own heart and recognize true love. Yeah. But it really is a real thing. The green flash that is. It's something to do with the light spectrum and stuff, I will look into the technicalities later but it's seen when you're at sea and the sky is clear. As the sun sets, just as it disappears the light changes and you see a flash of green. Pretty exciting because we all saw it tonight. What a special way to end the year hey?!

Back to dinner preparations, then Geoff and I rang our friends who were our neighbours in Marina Rubicon in Lanzarote on their boat Brigante to wish them a Happy New Year. I got a phone call from my dad and then we sat outside for dinner. Not only have we been treated to a clear sunset, we've also been treated to a full moon on a clear night. It's pretty awesome.

The wind has now gone so we are bobbing along quietly. I'm stoked because it means I've finally had a day where I've only felt sick for a little bit of it although ir does mean our progress forward is somewhat hindered. Geoff has gone off to sleep a bit before midnight and Digby and I are wondering how likely it will be for us to go out on a pub crawl....Dreams are free! Ha. Right now there has been some squeaking outside. Digby has gone marching out with a can of WD40 prepared for battle. All we have heard is a bit of bumping and muttering and then 'Yeah? Squeak now!' Don't mess with Digby and his can of WD40.

Oh and yesterday I was wondering where all the wildlife was? Well just before sunset last night we had a visit from a pod of whales. They must have heard me! Gotta run people, things to do, people to see and all that. Hope you all have a wonderful New Years Eve and speak to you all again tomorrow! Ciao ciao xxx


  1. Happy New Year to all three of you. It looks as if you had a great last night of the year - sunset, green flash, moon! Did you find any ginger biscuits Suze?


  2. What a great New Year! How did the pub crawl end up? Here in Hawera they have the great bicycle pub crawl the Saturday before Christmas. I guess you didn't have as far to travel between watering holes. Hope the whales stayed sober!

    Love Dad

  3. Wow Suzy, there's a New Year you'll never forget. Such great memories to have eh?
    Anyway HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all. Everyone in Cheddar sends their regards - some more drunken than others!



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