Friday, December 11, 2009

Hanging on and hanging over!

Ok, first morning, just saw the sunrise which was pretty cool. Karma must have heard me teasing about the dinner last night because shortly after that I had to run out and hurl over the side. What a waste of breakfast and dinner. I was also a bit spaced out after my sickness tablet so sorry P, (my 'little sister') I was sending you texts but then sending them to the wrong person! And sorry to anyone else who got a kooky reply from me!

So, my journey so far. I've been queasy and unwell for most of it and then knocked out when I take a tablet. I think it's safe to say I've been pretty useless! Digby was lovely and made us a beautiful dinner last night but I did help dry up as soon as I pulled myself away from my security pillow. (It's easier than a blanket!)

Looking down is making me feel ill so I'm going to go. Thank you again to everyone for all your support, it just blows me away and I don't know how to tell you all that I really do appreciate every bit of it. And Kerr, thank you so much for Wednesday with all your help and hooking us up with some ice cream - straight to head of the class! And the pressies, much appreciated. Elle and Alan, thanks for my special delivery of beverages too, although it may be a while before I can face them.

Oh, and if I continue the way I'm going, I may have to eat humble pie and buy myself a smaller pair of jeans. Although, lets face it, I won't have a problem with that :)

Keep smiling people and keep watching, as I hang in there and hang over as Mike has advised!


  1. Aye Aye Captain Susie! the important thing is always to have something in your stomach... OK did you forget the Pre cooked bread I said you could get in Ropers????? If you think the veg is going to go off - start preparing in advance! Cooking with the wine is optional - my wife says I seem to overindulge myself - it's the experience I like!
    Thanks for the goodies, my son dived into them when he got home from school!
    Plain sailing!
    Kerr, Rosa, Jefferson & Narcisa xxxx

  2. Good stuff Susana, I'm sure it's only a couple more days puking over the side and you'll be right....

    Over here we're getting ready for our 5 year wedding anniversary. The weather isn't with us on this one though. It's raining like anything and may do so all day long. We'll be thinking of you.

    Scott Family NZ


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