Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Atlantic Shower

I've just noticed I have a lot of typos in my blogs. Sorry about that folks, put it down to ramblings of a mad woman! The pirate life didn't work out for me in the end. It doesn't really help when the other boat is a lot faster...That's ok though, another thing I can cross off the list on options of what to do when I grow up. Although with the amount of interest the mankini shot has generated I'm sure there is a gap in the market for me to utilise somehow. Random shots of people around the world I've convinced to wear the contraption? Could make an interesting calendar...

Today the wind seems to be dying down. Sad because we kind of want it but I'm happy because it's a bit calmer :) Can't have it all. I think we're nearing the halfway point as well. I'm wondering how long we'll have in Tortola before our 10th January flight. I haven't left myself much of a window in the UK as I'm on a plane on the 13th on the way home to NZ for a holiday!!!!! How excited am I? It just occured to me yesterday that in just over two weeks I'll be setting foot on Kiwi soil for the first time in four years. Pretty excited.

But, back to the here and now. Ron, you asked about the whole water thing. Well, we've catered 10L drinking water between the three of us per day. This may sound like a lot but would you believe we are actually chugging our way through it. Maybe not quite the whole 10L but pretty near it. It's important to keep hydrated. Then we have the tanks. It's a bit naive of me, but I'm not actually aware of how much they hold. We have the water gauges though and they are reading near full so that's good. Dishes we wash in a bucket of sea water out the back and then rinse in a bit of fresh afterwards. Same goes for showers. I'll admit, I've been pretty skanky at sea and only shower every four days or so. But then I did invest in enough wet wipes to buy shares in the business so they make for pretty good cleans as well. But then lets get serious. I've been curled up feeling so sorry for myself that the idea of having to go down below and try and have a wet wipe shower makes me want to hurl so I just stay manky! But yeah, the Atlantic shower is a bucket of sea water (bit brisk so best to do on a sunny afternoon) then lather it up with shampoo and body wash. Rinse off with a couple buckets of sea water and then the luxury of a 1L jug of fresh water that I slowly pour over myself to rinse off the sea water. It's a bit excessive really, you don't need the whole 1L but we're doing so well with our water usage it's fine. But after my 'poo shower' I did use two lots of fresh water and lots and lots of buckets of sea water and lots and lots of soap! I think I can be forgiven for that :) Jules, you're lucky it was only tea you spat out over your computer....I narrowly avoided a mouthful of yucky water! We won't go there...

Ok people, not much else to report today. I'm on the lookout for some dolphins, none are coming out to play. I know, I know. We got pilot whales and dolphins and two turtles on our first few days, then we've had loads of birds and heaps of flying fish and caught a tuna and yet I still want more! There's just no pleasing some people! Oh but before I forget. Wait for it....we finally had some Christmas pudding!!!!! The secret was to have it before we had dinner because we can never be bothered after dinner. All that did though was wipe out any chance of wanting any dinner because it was so filling. And I only had a little bit! Digby has deemed his brandy butter a success and is now a convert to making his own from now on. I couldn't face going down below to try find my custard so just had a little sugar sprinkled on mine. We've still got one more that we're going to save for New many days before we get round to eating that one?!


  1. Thanks for the info Susana, very interesting

  2. You know Suze, why don't you think about being a travel journalist? We never knew you could write so well and it all makes such entertaining reading. I'm sure this won't be the last time you're covered in s...
    Keep smiling - you must be more than half way now

  3. Good idea from Kate you make a great writer.
    Love Dad

  4. Happy New Year! ¡Feliz Año Nuevo!

    What's your next adventure going to be Suze? Definitely keep writing, its so easy to blog about what ever your doing and there are some very successful bloggers out there. Start counting down the days until you see land and then fly to NZ.




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