Thursday, December 24, 2009


With all the offerings I have given Neptune I would have thought he could at least put the swell of the ocean behind us and not coming in from the side! Maybe he didn't like what I gave him....

After my offering this morning I spent most of the day horizontal and feeling pretty rotten. At least it was warm and now the bottom half of my legs have a deep dark colour or possibly it's dirt from having not washed. I'll stick with the tan theory.

Trying my best to get all the presents up and under the trees. Yes we have two trees but they're little so it makes for one big one. But I need to do this in short spurts and then have a recovery process so it's quite slow. Getting there though.

Digby has made his brandy butter (thank you Elizabeth!) and is now saying that we are to have a Christmas pudding tonight. Geoff and I are trying to stage a mutiny and hold out for Christmas Day but he's having none of it. Still, we won't be getting through a whole one tonight that's for sure so there will be some for tomorrow. I'm doubting my ability to eat anything tonight!

Last night I managed to be on form long enough to make a wicked spaghetti bolognaise. Bless Digby though, he doesn't relinquish power of the galley too easily. Little does the poor man realise how close he came to a face full of spagehtti when he came over for the umpteenth time to check on my cooking and wanted to check that I had a collander to drain the spaghetti with!!!! So the boys trust me with a diesel engine and yet not with draining pasta.... I had to laugh. He was just trying to be helpful.

So Christmas Day tomorrow. I've got my fingers and toes crossed that I'll be feeling ok. But hey, I'll just go with whatever comes.
I'll be back on tomorrow but for now, Happy Christmas Eve, enjoy it wherever you all are and talk to you tomorrow!


  1. Don't mess with Suze in the kitchen guys! She's appointed herself Father Christmas and you have to be good to get your presents!

    Great talking to you Susana - you sound incredibly positive and so did Geoff so keep going team and have a wonderful Christmas Day in the middle of the ocean!

    Love Dad

  2. Dear Suze, Hope your Christmas Day goes really well and the chuckun tastes good. We saw you on BBC breakfast news, doing a lift and filleting a fish. Is there anything this girl can't do! Happy Christmas from all at Friars Lea, love Jo

  3. Merry Christmas Suze! Hope you have a great Christmas day, and manage to out-eat the other two in true Scott style (I'll do the same here). You're doing a great job, and we all miss you here! Love, Tom. (Toot).


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