Thursday, December 17, 2009

The festive spirit has arrived

Can you believe it was a week ago that we were waved off by everyone in Lanzarote? I really don't know what has happened with the week but it's been busy. Who would have thought that possible on a boat when you have nowhere to go?

Today I bludgeoned another Dorado to death. My weapon of choice this time was a winch handle. Don't worry Elizabeth, Digby got the whole thing on camera and I am sure that will be put up somewhere soon. I feel a bit mean hooking in the poor creature and then beating it up, but hey, dinner is served. And Ron, that time when you and Cruz came to Massey, I got the ball fair and square and you said yourself she was off balance so that was why she fell! Ok maybe a bit of a strong tackle from me, I do remember hearing you both at the other end of the field making various sounds of astonishment though :) Yeah, don't mess with me! Anyhoot, back to the fish, I think we are going to curry it up. Whatever we do, I hope I'm feeling better by then because now I'm back to feeling rough. Is there anyone in history who hasn't come right? Mind you, in all fairness, I think a week ago I would have been hurling and lying in the foetal position so I really am getting there.

Another job of the afternoon was to manually fill up with some diesel from the spare that we have on board. There is this really clever tube thing which siphons it all for you so that was relatively easy. I think perhaps the smell of the diesel may have had a hand in my current state. Today was also another Atlantic shower, I've been a bit of a camera hog really. Digby got that on film too. Don't worry people, before you even think it, I had my bikini on and he has promised to photo shop it for me so that I look half decent. I think he just filmed it all out of focus....

So feeling a lot cleaner after having rid myself of the aroma of dead fish and diesel, I set about decorating Impossible Dream with Christmas decorations. We have tinsel, a Merry Christmas sign, some wonderful window stickers (thank you Martine!), and candy canes. It looks very festive even if I say so myself. Meanwhile Digby saw another sailing yacht and made contact via the vhf radio. It was a man sailing on his own, his engine had failed and he didn't have any comms equipment so asked if we would mind calling his wife in New York to tell her he was ok. Digby did and relayed messages and it felt really nice to chat to another boat and help them out.

And so another evening falls. RIchard, that book you gave me (Do dolphins ever sleep?) has been very entertaining these past few days. Digby and I were talking about something random, birds at sea I think and we had a question about birds and I had a 'Eureka!' moment and went and got the book. Since then it's been passing between Digby and Geoff and I'm still trying to get my hands on it! I'm off for a nap now in an attempt to recharge and psyche myself up for cooking dinner. And I'm going to practice saying things like fush and chuckun since my accent appears to have gone! I'll get it back :)

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  1. Atta girl! Sounds like you'd've managed the mosh pit at Electric Six last night no worries!! Quite intense, especially during THAT song.

    Hope our cooking sessions have helped with the curry :)


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