Monday, December 14, 2009


Woop woop! Get me! Today has been my first day of not feeling sick (much)! Before you get excited I don't think this has anything to do with becoming used to it or the tablets which I've stopped taking now because I didn't like how I was feeling on them. I've tried four different types in the past few months now. Still no winner. No, I think the fact that today the sea is calm and flat is the reason for my success but I'm not going to knock it at all. In fact, I'll take the win with pleasure.

This morning I was able to pay attention to the sunrise. It was pretty spectacular even with the clouds. It had been a really clear night with loads of stars and countless shooting stars. Not sure how those wishes will come along, I'll let you know on that one! There was just a small sliver of the moon and it was so bright. Then on the horizon there was a faint orange glow as the light started to come up. The water was calm and glassy and it was just amazing with the orange behind the clouds, the moon above and a stillness about the whole place. I enjoyed the quiet moment - yes thank you people, I do have the ability to be quiet and enjoy a moment! I did my best to take a snap of it, but could never do it justice. And besides, with the boat moving slightly it was quite hard to get one in focus. Ok, I confess, the beautiful calm moment was disturbed with a few curses from me....But only a few.

Today we have seen two turtles, both on their own and swimming in opposite directions. I kind of felt sad for the little guys, all alone out here, swimming along. I really hoped they knew where they were going because I'm totally lost. It all looks a lot like water to me. And if that hasn't been enough for one day, we've just had a short visit from a couple of dolphins. Only a short one, but it's always cool to see them.

I think also today I managed to redeem myself from my sack of potatoes day. Our engines have decided that they didn't really like going so guess who was down to check it out. After much consultation we found the source of the problem and then yours truly got in there and with a bit of help and direction fixed it!!! Three cheers for me! But hopefully the winds will pick up and we will be cruising along. Genoa and stay sail are out now, bring it on - but only a little bit and if it's really calm.


  1. Good on you for fixing the engine. Does that mean its someone else's turn if the heads need fixing?? I'm so glad you are feeling better, now you can really enjoy the trip. After a couple of rough days its really good to read your blog - but I must say both you and Geoff looked really positive even when telling us on the video it was rough! Way to go team. Love Dad

  2. Good night to have a clear sky - the Geminids (night of 13th/14th Dec) are now apparently the best meteor shower of the year anyway, and with barely any moon it was best conditions.

    Unfortunately it was overcast in the Cheddar area, though nice and clear the night before, when I saw one good one and a few tiddlers.


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