Saturday, December 19, 2009

Lobby music :)

I know that I've been saying for ages that we are going to Cape Verde and you are all probably wondering if we are ever actually going to get there. Well good news people, I have been informed that we will be there tomorrow afternoon! There is a marina there so we should be able to have all the things on hand needed to help diagnose/repair and then move on.

Today we were discussing Christmas lunch. I have decided we will pull up the table outside and have it there and I've got the Christmas crackers sorted (again thank you Martine!) and all the party poppers and things and Digby has a few ideas for food. Apparently for Digby and Geoff, Christmas isn't Christmas unless we have roast potatoes. I'm just happy it's warm because that is more like Christmas to me :) Kerr, you have already kindly supplied us with our vino for Christmas. I realise that this so far sounds like we're going to be having potatoes and booze but don't worry there will be more. I may even try and find a whole chicken or something in Cape Verde. We shall see. It will definitely be different anyway. And don't tell Digby but we have a hideous dancing Santa man on board which I'm going to surpise him with on Christmas Day at some point. The cameras will be at the ready. We have discovered that we now have THREE Christmas puddings on board. I'm ok, because Jo bought me some custard but Digby is in a dilemma because he would like some brandy butter. We have brandy and we have butter but we're not convinced a straight mixing of the two is the way to go.... So Elizabeth (Digby's mum) can you please supply us with a brandy butter recipe?! And to all my various mothers (Jo, Maureen, Kate, Trish the list goes on) is there a quick easy pizza dough recipe out there at all? Not that we have the flour but we are hoping to pick some up tomorrow or Monday.

Bit of a chill out day today, I have stayed away from the engines as last night I had almost had another Neptune offering episode and felt pretty wiped out. Digby has just put on some music as he creates in the kitchen. Geoff and I have been bantering about each others taste in music but Digby has just introduced a whole other level. Suddenly, my Take That boys are in!!!! Cheers Diggers, you having piano music has helped me out! But he has redeemed himself and changed it to something pretty cool, don't know what it is but I like it.

I managed a quick semi organise of my storage cabin today and still kept a place for me to sleep in it. Look for the red pilow and that's my little cocoon! I'll see if I can dig up the photo of my cabin which has been taken apart for access to the engine. I believe they make for two very different photos... Note that one is the front cabin and the other the back but I'm sure you all get the idea. I had it so pretty and nice and now it's just engine and tools. That will be another photo for another day.

Get this, just as I'm typing this Digby has spotted land. Maybe we'll be there earlier than expected.


  1. Easiest recipe I can find is from Keith Floyd (RIP, and you need a glass of vino in one hand);
    450g plain flour
    25g fresh yeast (or dried equivalent)in a little warm water
    1 tsp salt
    about 300ml hand hot water. Should make 4 12" pizza bases.
    If you can't find yeast, which might be a bit of a challenge, just call them flat breads! x Jo

  2. Hey Susana,
    What an adventure this has become! Bet you took pleasure in soaking poor Geoff! I've just thought you have no oven - so how are you going to cook pizza. Remind Geoff of his shopping list that you showed me down at the wholesaleer 17 apples, 40 oranges, some potatoes and carrots. Hope you get time to stock up a few more things in Sao Vicente. Take Care Kerrx

  3. Good point Kerr! I would dry cook them in a pan on the hob in that case- a bit like chapatis. xx


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