Monday, December 28, 2009

Where does the poo go?

Hehehe, maybe not the most appetising topic of the year but it really is quite funny. Well, depending on how you look at it. (Rich I know you are going to love this blog entry). So yes, back to the title, where does the poo go? Well, when you're out at sea it goes straight into the ocean or it can go into your black tank. Don't think about it too much because if you're like me you think, but then there are fish in the sea and I eat the fish.....just don't go there. It's all natural right?

So, in life things happen and toilets block. The 'heads' on the starboard side were playing up (Digbys' side) and so he started to use the port side (my side). All has been fine but then last night it wasn't flushing. Don't worry people, I was only having a wee so it wasn't too gruesome - yet. As is customary now, Team Suze and Digby were down there with various tools and head torches trying to figure things out. We didn't have much luck. Our train of thought was that there was a blockage. So we took off the pipe from the loo to the vacuum and emptied that out. All seemed clear, just a heap of water coming through which I guess is a good thing. That pipe went back on and then we looked at the pipe coming out of the vacuum pump. I recalled a story from Mike (boat owner) about when you do this, to remember there is a lot of pressure and use a lot of cloths to contain the impending explosion. I was trying to explain this to Digby but then the pressure was quite strong and before I had time to put the cloth over the top it wooshed off and I was fully sprayed. Eeewwww!!!! However, the saving grace was it was mostly just water. Honestly!!!! Ok there were bits in there too but I have blocked all that out. It was only water people! We tried shaking things and seeing if we were having any success. I was holding a pipe on while we switched the pump on and then turned it off. My grip on the pipe slipped and there was another huge build up of pressure so I got another 'shower'. We then looked at a valve that switched directions to the black tank and Digby said he thinks we may have solved it. Somehow or another there was yet another spraying over me. I was fully saturated by now. And I mean totally saturated. You're probably wondering why I didn't move? Well, there wasn't any room so I was kind of stuck! Right in the line of fire. Awesome. But since it's our last functioning loo I was ok with taking one or three for the team. I think.

Afterwards I went out and soaped up and doused myself with buckets and buckets of sea water and then two jugs of fresh water. And I still smelt. I think the smell has gone today, either that or I'm used to it. Think we've fixed the loo, I'm too scared to go test it out so have a bladder the size of a shopping bag. I'll have to go soon or burst!

I guess you could say that this has been an eventful crossing at least. Now I can add 'part time plumber' to my list of skills. Although my 'part time mechanic' skills were of little use so I'm not too sure how it would go.

Other news, still getting great feedback on Digby and his mankini episode. With regards to the body hair, no I didn't supply a wax set. I never actually thought the thing would make it out of the packet! But it seems to have provided a lot of laughs for all so as long as we can laugh it's all good right?

Today we have some wind and so are actually sailing! The motion however is a bit stronger today and I'm back to feeling unwell. I'll be brutally honest here, it's really getting to me. I just want it to get easier! I know it was going to be hard, but I think this is taking just a little bit longer than normal. Guess I always had to be different! Ooh, also, as you would imagine, we didn't have any Christmas Pudding last night. Who would ever wonder why?

Thanks for all the messages people, Dorcas I don't know if I've met you but it's nice to know you're following :) Friends and family, I'll be emailing but keep watching this space for the next exciting chapter. What could possibly happen next?


  1. Phew, I've just spent an hour catching up on your very frequent blogging! I was gone for 9 days on a Patagonian Christmas vacation and I hear you about it being hard to be away from home, I've already vowed to be with my family next year.

    I can only imagine how frustrating it must be to have that constant naseous feeling and I am duly impressed by everything you've done in spite of it. My two cents: There is a pressure point that helps with nausea in the space between your thumb and first finger. Try squeezing or rubbing it. Unfortunately it only helps WHILE you hold the point but sometimes that temporary relief is worth it.

    Can't wait to read more!

  2. Susana,
    So sorry to hear about your seasickness - bummer! We have often found a ginger biscuit helps - English ones that have a lot of ginger. Ginger tea is good too. Only one problem. Where do you get the ginger? Surely someone packed some ginger biscuits. Otherwise we found the nausea went away immediately when we jumped overboard and floated in the sea.
    Following your escapades with amusement - what's with the green thing - oops thong? Love your sense of humour.
    Take care and have fun and Happy New Year.

  3. Awesome blog entry Susana. Good on you for getting in and dealing with the problem. Reminds me of that saying in Wag the Dog - if the plumber does their job, no-one sees the shit.

    Now you're filling us in on the day to day tasks, how do you wash your clothes and just how much fresh water do you have onboard? You seemed happy to wash yourself in it.

    Have you been for a swim in the ocean yet?

  4. Hi Suzy - you're amazing to keep the blog entries going and to keep up with the job you were employed to do - looking after Geoff who is keeping the boat going in the right direction. Just think of all the different careers options open to you now, plumber, engineer, fish monger...
    We of course have always known what a super girl you are!
    Keep smiling

  5. Sorry Suze - I've just spluttered my cup of tea all over my computer laughing out loud whilst reading about your unfortunate "showers".

    Let's hope the wind keeps up, although it makes your seasickness worse for you it'll get you there that bit faster :)

  6. Ha! Legendary blog posting.

    I think you've answered the question we were all secretly asking. Ron helpfully filled me in on the nappy disposal process in the Netherlands but this has pushed the bounds of my waste-knowledge even further. And now I know never to swallow seawater again.

    Hope you start feeling better soon. Rich.


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