Sunday, December 27, 2009

Will we ever eat the Christmas pud????

I've had a bit of feedback from the photo of Digby in his mankini. Some say that green is a good colour for him, others say how game he is to have put it on and then posed for the camera and others (Kerr) are now having to field awkward questions from their sons! Geoff saw it last night and couldn't stop laughing. I did ask Digby when I took the photo if I could put it on the blog and he said yes, but I don't think he actually thought I would follow through! As long as we're all chuckling I think it's ok :)
Still feeling under the weather today. But I got the best piece of advice EVER about how to combat the sea sickness. Kai, you are simply a genius. You know what he said people? To go and lie down on a sandy warm beach under the shade of a palm tree. How about that? I think that is the perfect cure and will do that as soon as possible. Sadly about two weeks from now I think. Maybe just under. I'm not too good with guestimations.
Christmas pudding has still been evading us, hopefully tonight. Other than that, bobbing along. Today we've all had Atlantic showers, feels good to have washed my hair. Hope you are all well everyone, I'll be back tomorrow!


  1. Hi, my sailing colleague adviced massaging a spot behind the ears and on the inside of your wrist to cure seasickness and the other tip was to NOT THINK ABOUT IT. He said that most people felt a lot better on the fishing boats (he used to be a fisherman) when they didn't think about the fact that they were on a boat. Not sure how you can force yourself not to think about it when you are confined to a boat with only water around you, but I guess you can try really hard not to think about beiing sick by keeping busy with other things??? Also, focussing on the horizon always helps and ofcourse the ginger.. You've probably tried all these already, but if not, it might be worth to try.

    Just try fishing and catch another one of those awesome tuna fishes!!! That must've been a feast. You look really good on camera (even when you're sick.
    lots of love, Anita

  2. Hi Susana, Saludos de Espana! Are you now working as a freelance photographer? I'm positive that Reuters or the Associated Press would pay excellent commision rates. Ok it's 1am - rather late but my son is asking 'where can you buy such a contraption???? and my partner Rosa has now nicknamed Digby EL TORRO!!! - THE BULL!!! maybe that will boost his ego too much and you will all have to suffer! Hoping that your sea sickness is improving! Buenas Noches.


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