Sunday, December 20, 2009

Cape Verde Islands

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This morning we arrived into Mindelo in the Cape Verde Islands. The coastline in the morning sun looked very rugged and harsh but the marina is lovely. Geoff pulled us up next to a pontoon, I tried to look nautical and do my OXO ties with the warps around the cleats. (Not really sure I've used those terms correctly but hey, it was a good effort!) Also Digby caught it on film so I'm pretty sure it will be evident that I don't look that nautical either! We shall see.
On arrival, Digby and I went up to the Marina Office and sorted the paperwork and not long after were visited by Kai. He has been very helpful and has arranged for a mechanic to come and look at the engines tomorrow. Speaking of which, here is a photo of me doing my thing with the engines! It may look like I'm not doing anything at all, but I'm (get me with technical knowledge here) bleeding through some diesel with a little pump after we had took the tube from the fuel tank off and blew it through and then replaced it to the pre-fuel filter. The bleeding through process then removes any air in the system when you open a little valve. But I discovered that it was easier to get the pump to work with my foot as it was a bit hard with my hand! Check me! Now I just need some mechanic to get on and say, 'Suze, you got that all completely wrong, no wonder the engines are unhappy!'
Oh and if you look at yesterdays photo of my cabin with the NZ flag and teddy bear, this is the same cabin that's been taken apart! It all makes for good viewing doesn't it?!
Somehow there was a connection for Geoff to know a friend of a friend here by the name of Sandy. She came to visit and kindly took Digby and I to a local supermarket where we picked up some water and flour (thank you for the pizza recipes - all set to go now!). And if that isn't enough, we're all going out to meet her for a drink later on. Who else can rock up to a totally random place and still have a social life?! Good times. Although right now Geoff is on the phone to Mark and we have to chuckle that the three of us are somewhere lovely and we're all sitting in the boat tapping away at our computers and not talking. What is technology doing to us!
Anyhoot, it's pleasant and warm. I've had a shower which was awesome. I tried to take some clothes in to wash while I was in there but then got told off by the guy who was on duty. So then he loitered outside and knocked on the door while I was in the shower and then checked my clothes when I came out and seemed really annoyed that they were all dry!!!! Bit scary. Digby however managed to sneak some clothes of his when he went to the shower and has given the authority the big two fingers!!!!! Oh well.
Before I go, Kerr, don't worry there is a way to make pizza. Our microwave on board is one of those clever ones that does oven, grill and microwave as well so we are all good. Loving the fruit too, it is doing really well. I think we did a great job on the shopping front.
Enough babble from me, guys I'm going to go and enjoy having land under my feet and yes, I did do a little 'happy to be on land' dance. And I wasn't land sick!!!!!! Yeeehaaaa :)
P.S. While on land, I measured the circumference of my bum (yes this is something weird I do) but can now say that everyone is a bunch of liars. No I haven't seen any trade winds and no I haven't lost any weight!!! Liars, the whole lot of them :)


  1. It is interesting to hear you weren't land sick. Enjoy the dry land while you've got it.

    Nice photo of the sunset the other day - I think sunrises are typically nicer - but you've got to get up for them!

  2. Washing, food, and drink - good to see you are enjoying the delights of dry land! I hope you get a good mechanic and don't get told to keep pumping all the way across the Atlantic. Keep the blog coming- its really well written and interesting. Love Dad

  3. Here, here very well written, keep it up!

    Shirley from Cheddar says "hi".
    Sue says "you poor thing breathing in all that engine fuel. It won't help with the sea sickness!"

    I hope the mechanic is nice and is able to fix it! Don't worry about smelly clothes, you'll soon be in the middle of the Atlantic and if Ashdon Kutcher arrives, then you'll be in the sea anyway so the smell will have washed off!!

    Love Kate


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