Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Dig Deep Suze!

We now have trade winds. But the swell is coming in from the North so that means that the seas are very choppy. What this means is that I have been very unwell for the past two days. I have however graduated to keeping meals down which is something! I feel like a real wimp but am fustrated from not having been able to acclimatise. I'm trying not to think about it (bit of a tricky thing when all you do is sit on a boat in lots of water) but when you wake up because you're feeling sick it's hard! Never mind. I just thought I would be a bit tougher than this. Never mind, dig deep and she'll be right.

Not much else to tell you guys really, I've been my usual sack of potatoes self out the back. Although we have just been overtaken by a Oyster 72. They radioed us and Geoff had a chat with them. They said the yes, the seas were very uncomfortable and that it was making things difficult for their chef! We're contemplating about turning into pirates....


  1. i know its not even near compare but we sailed the cook straits today and i thought of you and geoff and digby. but couldn't summon a spew for you in support. keep on catching the fishies

  2. Hi Suze,

    You're amasing and the blogs are great. Well done. Bad news on the Sea sickness and Poo escapades!

    I always found looking at the horizon helped me, or kipping on my bunk. As for the Poo - all in one boiler suit and googles!!!! not a good look but hey who cares.

    You know this already but the signals sent to your brain by your eyes and inner ears, conflict. (visual disorientation) just means that while your inner ear detects that you are moving, your eyes (if you're looking at objects close by on the boat) detect that you're not.

    To get rid of the nausea, you need to "override" the signals by, for example, looking at an object outside of the boat. I know it's not easy when it's 360 water and the horizon is moving too! but it helps a little with me.

    keep at it lovely lady xx

  3. Hi Susana,
    Smashing blog, love it.
    BTW, by now you've heard all sort of remedies so here'e mine. When I was 15 I joined the merchant marine and the sailor in charge of me filled me up at breakfast with as much food as I could take -- it worked.
    You are doing a BIG job!

  4. We all know Suzy can eat...
    You must be feeling completely awful not to be pigging out on the chocolate mountain!
    Keep smiling, you're doing great.


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