Monday, December 7, 2009


Today has been a really good day. Digby's arrival last night had made me realise that it was all actually going to happen and I got another attack of the nerves so I was feeling a bit out of sorts this morning! I did quite a few crosswords last night as I couldn't sleep and needed to take my mind of things. It's all good though. I got to see my aunty and uncle which was great and then this morning Geoff and I went and sorted out our meat supply for the journey. After such a long buildup it all seems to be happening really quickly.

My aunty and uncle came down to the boat and we went out with helpers and my aunty and uncle came along for the ride as well. This was great because it's so nice to be able to actually show my family what I'm going to do and let them see the boat and go out for a day on her. Internet and skype are great for keeping in touch but having them here has been fantastic. I've also had a heap of supportive comments on facebook so I'm feeling really positive. Nervous but positive.

I've just looked outside towards our neighbours here at the marina. I've become quite good friends with them and have to laugh as one of them has come out dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow. He's here in the flesh people. Albeit on the wrong side of the ocean. Isn't it Tortuga he's heading for? They are going to be crossing the Atlantic and leaving on Thursday as well. I hope that our paths will cross again one day.

Tonight we are all going out for dinner. I just went down to the restaurant and booked a table for us. They have decided to give us the 'Mafia Table'. This should be good.


  1. All the best Suze! Thinking of you xx

  2. Hello! Hope preparations are going well. I heard a sailing(ish) joke the other day - tell anyone who will listen:

    - My wife went on a sailing course in Poole
    - In Dorset?
    - Yes, she'd recommend it to anyone

  3. Thursday is so soon, eek!! I am excited and nervous on your behalf. Also, I read that joke about 3 times thinking darned English humor, this joke was clearly not designed for an American' and then I got it and felt dumb for blaming the Brits.


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