Saturday, December 26, 2009

Boxing Day

I think there was one achievement from yesterday in my corner. It could quite possibly be the first ever Christmas where I haven't eaten myself to the point of pain and been unable to move after the Christmas meal! That's a good way to look at it right? I'm feeling a lot better this afternoon. This morning was a bit dodgy but after a bit of lunch I seem to be ok. I wonder though if that is because I am lying down on the deck in the shade with a lovely cool breeze. Sadly that doesn't mean we have much wind to take us along although Digby and Geoff have been telling me things should pick up by Monday. Fingers crossed.

Perseverence got me through all the Christmas presents last night. Scott family (Friars Lea branch), the present box was simply AWESOME and even in my wallowing state of self pity I managed to have a lot of giggles and I love every single thing in there. THANK YOU!!!
Tonight I'm feeling game enough to try some Christmas pudding. Would you believe that we still haven't managed to get one open yet? What are we like? It's not as though we have anywhere to go and yet we still manage to run out of time. Tonight is the night I think.

Not much else to report really. We had a grasshopper on the deck yesterday. I'm still trying to figure out how the little guy got carried all the way out here and then I think his feet got hot on the decks because he then jumped into the water. Speaking of which, I don't stop to think about it much because I just freak myself out but it is an odd thing to look out and see nothing but ocean and realise that it's only us out here as far as we can see bobbing along in our boat. Endless blue. With a swell coming in from the side....not behind like I got told by all those liars out there!!!! And Rich, you are right I think, there is going to be a net gain in weight at the end of this trip! How that is possible after not being able to hold anything down is beyond me, I can only think I have gone into famine mode where I'm storing everything possible.
Hope everyone out there is well and as tradition goes, enjoying your sandwhiches of left over turkey or whatever roast you had yesterday. Later gaters :)

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  1. I am still thinking of you daily I'm sorry the sea sickness is as bad as ever. Hope you feel better soon.
    All good wishes from Dorcas (in England).


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