Sunday, December 13, 2009

Still smiling

I think yesterday I was even more useless than a sack of potatoes. I mean at least the potatoes provided some dinner for Digby and Geoff! I think it was my worst day so far. I felt rubbish and spent most of it knocked out from my sea sickness tablets or knocked out after the effort of offering Neptune some crisps and half an orange. Chewed thoroughly of course.

Today has been a lot calmer on the seas. They're not so rough but I am still a little queasy. Highlight of the morning was when the fishing line we had put out actually caught a big fish. I got as far as hauling it in and trying to hook it with the gaff but sadly they were very pathetic attempts and the fish got away. I'm hoping there will be more so that I can redeem myself. Don't worry, Digby caught it all on camera so we can relive the moment that one that got away!

I'm out on the deck looking around right now, it's a weird sensation being surrounded by sea. I'm a complete land lubber I have concluded but this is a cool experience. The weather seems to be looking on the up and I have made Geoff and Digby promise me that the seas will be calmer when we turn right after the Cape Verde Islands. They both laughed after that.....

Being 12 days before Christmas I decided to put up our little Christmas trees. One has been secured to the starboard side of the nav station and Sarah, the blow up Christmas tree you gave me has decided it would like to decorate my cabin. Unfortunately there are no photos of Teddy looking a bit lost yet as I simply can't face it. But I'm hoping to get right soon and get up to some mischief!

I'll sign off now, seriously hoping to improve on the whole motion thing out here, I'm still holding fast with calling the whole world a bunch of liars but I'll have to get used to the sea soon, there is no other option!!!!


  1. Hey Suz...

    Just a quick UK update.. Birmingham is expecting some light snow by the end of the week!!!! Its turning cold here! Just watched the videos on YouTube.. Good to hear your voice and seeing that your looking well (although suffering with sea sickness) Keep up the good work. Dan xxx

  2. Erm... Suze?
    Who was the cute chick in the clown pants?

  3. Hi Suze, sorry to hear you are suffering, try some ginger biscuits. They work for me. Jeff


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