Wednesday, December 23, 2009


We have had a beautiful calm day, gentle seas and guess what I've been doing? Feeling rotten and trying to hold my breakfast down!!!!! I mean come on, is there a break in any of this?! Oh I'm laughing but I am feeling really worn down by the whole motion sickness thing. Still up and at them, at least I know I can catch a fish. And gut it, fillet it and fry it up for dinner. Seriously though, I've tried all the remedies for the sickness, the tablets, the ginger, the salt and vinegar chippies, the wrist bands but I think I'm just going to have to suck it up and deal with the next three days. Which is a shame because I was really looking forward to a big Christmas lunch. I'm hoping though that this will be a quick adjustment and things will look up :) That's my theory anyway and I'm sticking to it.

I ws asking Geoff and Digby the other day when I was allowed to put presents under the tree and was firmly told that wasn't allowed to happen until Christmas Eve. Cough cough -Digby what the heck are your presents doing under the tree today????? It's only the 23rd. Apparently he was tidying in his cabin and needed to make some editing space so it was allowed. Oh I see, change the rules to suit. I don't mind though, it is starting to make it feel a bit more like Christmas, we've got the decorations, we have the tree, now some presents under it and a chuckun in the frudge. (See I still have my accent!) Oh and I met some Aussies and South Africans at the marina in Mindelo and they said I had a very strong accent. I am relieved :) I'm going to have to sort out the Christmas stockings and the dancing Santa tomorrow as well. I have it all planned, we are going to lift up the table up outside and have Christmas lunch on there. If it's as calm as it is today, I'm going to make the boys stop the engine so that we can have a mid-Atlantic swim as well. Loving it really. I did find my pink santa hat but couldn't wear it for long because I got too hot. Will make an effort to wear it as long as possible on Friday. I think I need to also work on a sign to tell Santa to stop here. Good thing we've got the tracker on...


  1. What a pain, calm seas and sea sickness. I hope you are 100% by the 25th - and have a great day. Love Dad

  2. I'm sure it will pass Susana - the sickness that is.

    Great to hear you had an enjoyable time on land.

  3. Ok no one took me up on the jokes - perhaps you'll have some for Christmas. Anyway you'll like this one:-

    A little boy says to his mother: 'Mummy, can I go swimming?'
    Mother: 'Certainly not. The sea's too rough, there's a terrible rip-tide and a dangerous offshore current, and I've heard this coast is infested with jellyfish and sharks.'
    Little boy: 'But Daddy's gone swimming!'
    Mother: 'I know, but he has excellent health insurance.'

    Just so you can feel like you're in Cheddar again!

    I'm sure you'll enjoy the 25th.

    PS You must know by now that men always change the rules, even though they say its the woman!

  4. Hey Suzy
    We're offline now 'til the 27th, so Merry Christmas to you (and your crew). Have a great day and we hope the celebratory lunch goes well and is as good going down as it coming back up!
    Lots of love Kate, Lenny, Dudley, Penelope & Flossy x x x

  5. I'm not sure about if you will get this blog note but I'm reading and thinking about you.
    Love from Dorcas in England.
    I have Cerebral Palsy.


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