Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 is here :)

Welcome to 2010 everyone! I hope you all had an enjoyable evening last night. I wrote that Geoff had gone to catch a bit of sleep before midnight. Well Digby was busy editing, I was frantically trying to get my blog up before midnight and then at 2350 I went to wake Geoff. He managed to mumble at me that he was going to stay in the land of Zuzu for the night!
And so it happened that when it actually reached midnight (I went by the time on my computer and we're all working on UK time on the boat) that I ran outside, looked at the moon and said 'White rabbits' three times. Silly little superstitious thing I do but hey, we all have our quirks! Then I ran back inside and jumped up and down and waved to Digby to get his attention and we had a mini New Years celebration. This involved letting off a few party poppers and having a glass of wine. It was beautiful and calm and the moon was so bright. I think by 1215, I was in bed!
New Years resolutions never last long with me. The one to not eat so much junk food went out the window at 3am when I was up on duty and had 3 toffee pop biscuits and then regretted it immediately when the sugar overdose hit! I'll work on the other standard ones of exercising more later, like when I'm on dry land! One thing is for sure, a year ago today I never would have thought I would be in the middle of the Atlantic for New Years. Amazing how things happen.

There was a plan for Digby and myself to have a mid Atlantic swim today. This was because yesterday was so calm and still. Imagine my surprsie when this morning it was overcast and then we had some rain. I went out and stood on the deck and let the rain splash on my face. I know that you folk in the UK will think I'm nuts but I really enjoyed it. I've missed the rain and it was a great feeling to have the fresh water raining down on me. We all know I've had lots of other water sprayed on me these past few weeks! Back to this swim. Well it hasn't happened and isn't going to happen today. That is because we've been through a couple of squalls and it is choppy. But on the plus side we got an hour of good speed this morning and now we've had the wind pick up again in the last hour and we're shooting along at 8.5 knots. It's uncomfortable (well only if you're a wimp like me) but it's all progress in the right direction so I'll take it as a win. I do hope though that there will be chance for a swim before the crossing is over. It has to be done!

Happy New Year everyone, I hope all your dreams and wishes come true and that even though there'll be tough times as is life, that there will be enough good times to see you through!

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