Saturday, December 12, 2009


Too rough to write today but I will say this. They're all liars! I see no calm gentle swells and it's day 3 and I still feel rubbish! Liars! Don't worry, I'm not as grumpy as I sound, it's more for effect but it really is rough - both me and the sea!


  1. Oh no! Sorry to hear that Suzy! *sniggers*
    It looks very calm on the 'where's Geoff?' tracker thingy and it looks like you're making good progress. P's very happy with the mention btw.

  2. hi suzie
    it sounds to me that you don't have the right tablets and i don't suppose there are many pharmacies in the middle of the ocean!
    lots of love
    Georgia,james, charles and jennifer
    p.s. we are thinking of you

  3. Captain Suzi have a great adventure, if you go off course and see an iceberg don't forget to do a snow angel. Sent from my palace on the banks of the Nile in sunny Sudan

  4. Hello Kiwi. Thanks for the updates - doesn't sound too much fun so far. Try eating more chocolate.

    See if you can get this before you reach the Caribbean:
    - My cousin is sailing to St Petersburg at the moment
    - Is she Russian?
    - No, she's taking her time

  5. Good joke Rich,

    Hang in there Suzy, you'll be right. Bit busy at the moment, so can't write much, as they say in Russia:

    Take your time working that one out...

  6. Go steady with the Russian jokes guys - as my Russian PA said to me today ...
    "Comrade Brezhnev, is it true that you collect political jokes?" — "Yes" — "And how many have you collected so far?" — "Three and a half labor camps."

    Better than my "man walks into a pub with a giraffe" joke any day!


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