Monday, December 21, 2009


Hey folks, thought I had better give you a quick update while I've got the very intermittent internet connection at the marina. Our mechanic came along and spotted the problem. We have some water and air in our tanks, then he got into a filter bit that we would never have found and got into the tanks and has cleared out a lot of black sludge that looks like somthing sneezed. Progress is happening. Kai has been wondeful sending out all sorts of people to work on the boat. Caesar our mechanic has been also been a star and they are all very keen and eager to get the problem solved. I have decided I really like Mindelo.

Last night we had drinks with Sandy and she introduced us to a couple, Robbie and Sue who are heading back to the UK today with their two girls. It's so nice to have only been here a short time and yet still made friends.

Looks like a lot of work still to go for all the boys. We've even sent one of them up the mast to look at the wind instrument to figure out why we can't get an apparent wind angle reading. Seems to be a connection problem but they are all over it. It really is lovely to see.

Weather is hot, I've managed to do a load of clothes washing for Geoff and myself by hand on the boat. I filled up a load of buckets and did it all on deck. A few of the guys from the office walked by trying to see what I was doing but they couldn't say anything since I wasn't in the shower! So hopefully in a short time the hot hot sun will have dried them all and we will have clean clothes, clean people and clean fuel. Now all we need is some wind. Want want want!

Ron, Anita and Dad, it was so good to talk to you all last night. I've downloaded the file thank you - Dad you spoiled the surprise!!!! It's ok though, I promise not to open it until Christmas Day although I nearly started crying thinking about it this morning. Harden up! Watch this space for more. Jo and Andy and Grannie, wonderful to talk to you as well and Kate and Penelope too.

Gotta go now, I'm seizing the opportunity to tidy cupboards and things. Have already scrubbed the decks, I'm getting ID back to shiny status...

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