Saturday, December 5, 2009

Not long now

First off today, I just want to say a huge thank you to all my friends and family for all the support and emails and messages I've had about my nerves and the reassurance that I'll be fine! It's that nice warm feeling you get when you have a nice message telling you not to doubt yourself and that I won't be a disappointment to anyone.

So what has happened in the last few days? Well a lot really, it's all been a bit of a whirlwind. On Wednesday new friends Alan and Elle had Geoff and myself around for dinner which was a great evening and I got to try some local wine. Think I'll have to pack some of that for later!

Julian the delivery skipper arrived on Thursday and was so sweet when he pulled me aside and said that he thought I had done an excellent job on cleaning up Impossible Dream. This morning we came by the boat when he was still having breakfast and he jumped up and started to put it all away, scared that I may get angry that my hard work had been undone. Awww, but it's how I like it! Only I'm allowed to get it messy. All joking aside, he's been very sweet and helpful since his arrival.

On Thursday night, Julian took us out for dinner to a restaurant called La Casa Roja. The steak was delicious. Jo and Andy, we have to go there when you come over. Yesterday was an interesting day. I walked into Playa Blanca to get a few supplies for us all, and enjoyed the sun and walk. As soon as I got back I jumped into a taxi and went out to the airport to collect the communications dome. Hurrah, you can all breathe easy, we've got the stuff in our hot little hands now, so will have internet access across the pond. It was looking a bit touch and go there for a minute with a possible two hour wait but the taxi driver I was with kicked some butt and we got it in 30 mins.

Then when you would think all the excitement of my day was over, I got to have a lesson with School Teacher Julian on the little power dinghy on the back of the boat. I cruised us up and down the marnia feeling like a real poser and for those of you who know me when I'm on the water, there was a lot of nervous giggling. Julian looked remarkably calm, maybe the fact I was going at Nanna speed helped.

Being the ever social butterfly that I am, I went and visited our neighbours and had a look around their boat, Brigante. I'm still always fascinated to see inside other boats and how different they all are. Then they came on board and the boys talked hydrolics and switches, and I talked chocolate and food with Ilva. Some things about me don't change!

Today has been doing bits and pieces. We've put up the genoa sail, fed the wire through for the communications dome and now thinking about just sitting back and taking it all in for the afternoon. Oh and I didn't get the chance to fob off the job of the duck valves to Julian, so ended up up to my elbows in gross water. Lesson learnt though, turn the pump off because it squirts everywhere when you've taken it apart. I had a really long shower that night...

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