Friday, December 18, 2009


Another day playing with the engines. We've named them now and I'm sorry I can't type those names out! You get the picture. I think maybe they have heard us though and are retaliating.

On a lighter note, today I gave Geoff another Atlantic shower. Digby got some good photos of me grinning like a lunatic pouring buckets of sea water over Geoff! Then we got an awesome shot of water flying out from the bucket and splashing all over him. Oh the things you do for entertainment.

Hoping to reach Cape Verde tomorrow and with lots of help from family and friends with connections we are also hoping to make it a quick stopover.

The weather has calmed down a bit today so it makes for a more comfortable ride which is good. Sunset last night was amazing. I'm hoping to master the art of taking a photo in focus while on the boat. Still learning but I promise to get a good one up when I do.

Geoff and Digby were out talking about fishing and speak of the devil we got one. But it was only a baby Dorado and now they've had a taste of that they are only interested in the big boys of the tuna. No bludgeoning here today which is nice. I'm starting to feel a bit guilty about the other two fish...

7 sleeps to go before Christmas! My present box is miraculously still unopened but I think that has something to do with it being inaccessible because of all the mattresses, pillows and other things in the way. It's safer that way I think.


  1. Owsome sunset!! Hope you reach Cape Verde soon and get a fast turn around.
    Love Dad

  2. Wonderful sunset - its cold here in Cheddar, but no snow unfortunately (I was looking forward to a day off school)- oh for bikini weather! Just remembered you don't care what the weather to put your bikini on so it might actually be cold out there!
    Kate x


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