Wednesday, December 9, 2009


This blog entry is going to be dedicated to my cousin Richard. Don't worry Elizabeth, I didn't get the joke either. But I'll get to all of that in a bit.

Yesterday was a day of arrivals and visitors. Jandy (uncle and aunt, renamed by Rich) came over and dropped off my HUGE Christmas Box. I am so excited. I have heard though that my sister recieved her Christmas box and had no restraint and opened it after a mammoth 2 minutes. I've had to hide mine to stop the same thing happening. I think it is a thing in our family not to be able to keep presents until the day! They went off to see the sights on the island.

I had to go up to the marina office for a few bits and pieces and offered to go and get Digby an internet code. I tried to convince him that if I got it, then he would have to line me up a lot of dates with hot guys who would all take me out for dinner. The best he could come up with was offering to cook me dinner once we are out at sea. Thanks Diggers!

When I got back, Tim and Elaine had arrived and were unpacking all their goodies they had brought for us. Everyone was on the back of the boat, relaxing in the sun and a couple walked up. They asked if Digby was on board. We all ceremoniously roared for Digby who was down in his 'office' doing officy things. He came up and had the surprise of his life as it was his mother and step-father who had decided to surprise him and come to Lanzarote! How sweet is that? So it's a really nice atmosphere as we all have our loved ones with us to wave us off tomorrow. See that? We're actually going tomorrow.

For dinner we all took off and had private dinners with our families. Jandy and I went out for a lovely meal where I then made phone calls to my cousins and father. Now here is where Richard makes his entrance. He has made a comment on my blog with a joke. Now I had Tom read it to me over the phone. I did not get it. I asked Jandy, neither of them got it either. We were really confused. Enter Dad. On the phone to him, he's also on the blog and we ask him about the joke. This was our phone a friend card wasn't it? And thankfully, he pulled through.

For those of you who are still scratching your heads (don't worry if I hadn't been explained the joke I still would be as well) the catch bit is 'In Dorset?' - endorse it? I can hear all the groans now! Rich, you have done us proud. Once the penny had dropped we did chuckle a lot.

Today I am about to go fruit and vege shopping with Kerr who has kindly offered to take me out, hopefully he'll be able to guide me in quantities. A theme on this boat of over catering but hey, that's better than the opposite!

Watch this space.


  1. Hope that you have enough rations of fruit and vege. I think we had a pretty sucessful shopping trip / flowers and icecream included! Not to mention the alcohol tasting in the bodega! Not enough though. Enjoy the rest of your day with your familes and keep calm!!! Best wishes Kerr, Rosa, Jefferson & Narcisa xx

  2. Hey Suze! I'm loving reading your blog...I'll check it regularly while you are away. The Christmas box sounds fabulous! What a great idea! On that note, thanks a lot for the Christmas goodness you are organised!
    Have the most wonderful adventure, soak up all the good bits and ride out the not so good!
    See you on the wild side,
    Love Mere xx

  3. Wow you are now into the Final Countdown to Sailing Away. Just don't Rock the Boat, enjoy the Cool Clear Water instead until you become the Caribean Queen under the Blue Moon. I hope you get Four Strong Winds,and are soon Sitting on the Dock of the Bay. Love Dad

  4. I have no idea what time it is over there but I know you're leaving tomorrow and my heart is aflutter for you. Can't WAIT for updates from the high sea.

  5. Hey Suz... I have finally set myself up a profile! Big cheer for me! Thank you for the text message you sent me, on the morning of your departure. I'm really excited for you that all the hard work preparing for this trip has finally begun. You'll do eveyone proud! Been viewing your posts everyday at work, so keep them coming. If you run short of anything, call me, and I'll get them to you! Oh... I don't get the joke!!!! Stay safe kepp smiling, enjoy the journey x

  6. Hi Susana,

    Good joke - how come no one got it? I quite like Dad's comments too, very funny, although I don't know all the songs/movie titles he's referring to.

  7. Hey Suz

    Just a quick message before I start a gruelling days work. I was flicking through the Metro newspaper on the train into work this morning and I came across a picture, with a comment about you and Geoff. I have cut it out and have proudly displayed it on a board by my desk. Hope all is going well xx


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