Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Christmas :)

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope your day is faring better than mine! I started the morning with a 3am hanging over the side and losing the remains of what I had for dinner after having had to hang over the side straight after dinner as well. I did manage to get the Christmas stockings together and hang them up so that Digby and Geoff could find them when they woke up. Caroline, thank you for the sweet tree decorations. They went up last night. Today I've been a write off again feeling terrible the whole day. I think I've been worse today as well. From what I recall from the start of the trip, day 3 was the toughest and then I seemed to improve a little bit. We shall see but in all honesty I'm feeling pretty fed up and over it all. Still, I'm sure that there are worse ways to be spending my Christmas. The sun is out and I've opened half of my presents and still have another whole box to go. This isn't through some remarkable show of self restraint either before you think I have any form of self discipline. No it's because I can't stay up for too long before having to lie down again!

I got Digby a silly present of a Borat mankini. Much to Geoff's horror it didn't take any persuasion from us at all before Digby was racing off and putting it on and then out prancing around the deck. I'll dig out a photo and attach it all so you can all share in our discomfort! One thing is that it did distract me from feeling ill for a bit. Or did it make me more ill???! Lots of giggles anyway.

One present I did open was a song that my brother had written for me. Yes, as predicted I was a crying mess while listening to it. My step mother once made the observation when my brother was telling her stories about annoying me when we were kids that his life seemed to revolve around trying to wind me up. And yes, he is very good at it but every now and then he does something special that makes me realise I do actually love having him as a big brother. You did good bro. Thank you.

Well Christmas this year is definitely different from any other I've had. I remember last year bounding into Lenny and Kate's room and jumping on them to wish them a happy Christmas. And then following it up with snow angels in a bikini. And the year before being with Jo and Andy and the boys in Chester freezing cold but having a great time all being together. No bounding this year, all my movements are very slow as my head and stomach churn at the slightest motion! Still, it will be a Christmas to remember. Thinking of you all, hope you are all having a wonderful day and can you please please please have a Christmas Mince Pie for me as we have NONE on this trip and it just isn't the same! Not that I would keep it down anyway...


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, Merry Christmas! Pity you didn't give Digby a set of Reindeers Antlers and he pranced around singing Rudolph! on BBC breakfast show. That photo has made me lose my appetite - and my son asking questions. I hope that you are feeling better - not long to go now!

  2. Abit of a shock that photo! Well done to Digby for putting it on - you obviously have him sussed!!
    The Lincolnshire folk say hello and to keep your chin up. We've all had several mince pies for you and I'm about to have another...
    Lots of love
    All the Patience Folk xx

  3. What a good sport Digby for wearing the Borat mankini! I've got to ask what happened to Digby's body hair - did he not have any before or did you also give him a body wax kit??


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