Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The final countdown!!!!!

Anyone been confused by the tracker yet? Don't worry, we did intend to go in this direction. Last night, Geoff made the decision that we should head to Antigua and refuel and then get ourselves up to Tortola. I mentioned yesterday that the wind had changed direction and was pushing us this way anyway. Plus we have the issue with the generator being a little bit sick and our tender loving care hasn't been enough to revive it, so power has also been a hot topic. We have been charging up with the starboard engine but then yesterday had to put the last of the reserve diesel in and so that was looking a bit dire as well. It was at this point yesterday when Digby pointed out that I was starting to get a reputation for having to climb into small holes. And a pre-requisite for that seems to be it has to be smelly and awkward! Anyway, weighing up all the pros and cons we have come to Antigua where we just had the most delightful meeting with ABSAR (Antigua Barbuda Search and Rescue) who came alongside in a RIB and did a bit of refuelling for us. Many thanks to Jonathon, Sven, Barbara and Becky. They were such a lovely team and wonderfully efficient. They came out and welcomed us and then pulled up alongside, hooked up the pumps and we were away laughing. It was great actually. We left the boys to it and then I gave the girls the grand tour and we stood around chatting. Just how I like it :) Now we're off (hehe, yes, again). But now it's about 24 hours to go and we will be there at the finish line. It feels so close and yet so far away. Who would have thought four weeks ago that we would have had this many adventures on our trip. But I think we're all coming out smiling which is the main thing isn't it?

Looking around, the water is lovely and blue and the sun is out and there's a whole feel to it that we know we're in the Caribbean. Speaking of which, I was watching Pirates of the Caribbean last night and as I made my way around the deck for something, I realised where old Johnny got his inspiration for Jack Sparrows' swagger as I swayed my way along. Speaking of Johnny, yes the point has been noted and I will definitely be making sure I'm scrubbed up before we arrive. You never know who could be waiting there on the beach. Dreams are free people!

Now that we are near land cell phone reception has become available. Sadly my phone has decided not to play and is pleading the 'inactive sim' function so I'm suffering phone envy while the other two get calls and text messages. One would have thought that by now I would be used to not having a phone. I suppose it's the option of having it there and not being able to use it which is gettting to me. Still, I just need to look around and remind myself that there are worse places to be where I could have reception so I'll be happy with here and none. And so now I'm going to go and sit on the front and keep a look out for random fishing boats and dream about being on dry land. Not long to go now :)


  1. It's been great following you as you crossed the pond. Sorry the ginger biscuits did not work! Now, you will find that the land moves when you get off the boat, so don't fall down! By the way, the front os the bow.
    Happy landings - now go find that palm tree.

  2. You've put the simply awful 'Final Countdown' song in my head now - it will take hours to erase.

    Caribbean sounds great - have fun gorging on pizza tomorrow!

    You also got me thinking about pirates...
    A pirate walks into a bar with a chocolate bar on his head. The barman sniffs and goes 'can you smell coconut?' and the pirate says 'Arrr. I've got a bounty on me head'

  3. That sea looks lovely - Kate's jealous. Oh, and guess what's just started on TV? Yes! A Perfect Storm! Forget the pizza, have a rum cocktail.

    Ok, what's a horny pirate's worst nightmare?

    A sunken chest with no booty!

    HA Haaaarrr.

    Doesn't apply in your case of course Suze :)


  4. Hey Suze, there's land ahoy!

    I hope you don't have too much trouble with your sea legs once on dry land :( Enjoy the champagne and your first meal and start looking forward to being back in NZ.

    Just to carry on the pirate jokes....

    Why was the pirate's butt so big?
    He kept stealing everyone's booty!

    What do you call a good looking pirate girl?
    Aye Candy!

  5. Oooh, pirate jokes!

    A pirate walked into a bar with a steering wheel down his pants.

    The bartender looks at him and says, what's up wth that steering wheel?

    The pirate replied, "Aaaargh!! It's driving me nuts!"


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