Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dolphins and palm trees

I'm sorry everyone, today isn't much of an interesting entry. I woke up feeling a bit sick, but then Geoff and I were out the back and he saw some dolphins so they distracted me for a while. Then I had a snooze and now we're just chilling out. Have the engine running to charge up the batteries and sadly the wind has changed direction so that it would head us for Antigua. I'll have to get out there and have words. We've got 320 miles to go. There are a few party poppers left over from Christmas and New Years so each time we reach the next hundred I'm out there doing my one celebratory party popper. It keeps me going :)

Doesn't look like the mid-Atlantic swim will happen. I missed the opportunity on Christmas Day when Digby said we should jump in and all I was able to do at that point in time was lift my head and grunt at him. He took that as a no but I think had he donned the mankini and threatened to throw me in I would have jumped willingly to avoid contact! No offence Digby but it really is scary :)

Speaking of Digby, he deserves a gold star. Bless him, he went down and tried bleeding the generator through twice but it still isn't working. And then put the whole cabin back together for me so now I can actually go down there and walk through without having to climb over things! It's quite a novelty.

Really looking forward to reaching the other end now, it's not long to go. A few days I guess? And then being on a beach and using some advice from Kai on curing sea sickness - that is to lie on a beach under a palm tree. I can see it now..


  1. 320 miles, that's nothing - you're nearly there!

  2. Man up girl! ;)

    I really hope you get to jump in the sea before you reach the end! Keep hold of a rope tied to the yacht though, please. And make sure Digby captures a kodak moment won't ya.

    I love that you have a popper for every 'undie. Nice one Trev. It's all about the detail. And the timing. Only 3 more popper moments to go babe...just 3!!

    Once you have sourced the palm tree be sure to grab a very well deserved 'Pain killer' cocktail, a specialty in the BVIs. You can buy the vessel it comes in too!

    Fantastic blogs Suze! Make sure you put a copy somewhere else (safe in your own hands) when you get a chance.

    Here's to a loud 'land ahoy' before I read the next blog!

    Mwah xx


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