Monday, January 4, 2010

Dreaming of pizza

Hey folks! I'm back, a whole lot sooner than you thought. Sadly this does not mean that we've fixed the generator. No, it means that I've snuck this through while the engine is charging the batteries up :) Clever cookie hey? Actually it was Digby's idea so I can't steal the credit.

We've been playing with the generator again. Managed to find a pipe which involved me diving head first into a hole and having my legs up in the air whilst I unscrewed a jubilee clip and pumped air through. We established that the blockage wasn't there. Now we are suspecting something with temperature gauges. I've had to come up for air, it's a bit hot down there. Still we will truck along.
Only 450 miles to go. It's getting closer, Dad, David, it really is like one of those walks. Just round the next corner. But it's good to see the miles ticking off. My wager on not to have a shower before arrival may not be followed through. I'm hairy, smelly and in grubby clothes. Just as soon as we play with the generator for the last time I may have a wash. I need it :)

Now, after Geoff talking about pizza and his order of meals once we get to dry land, he's started Digby with the thinking too. I've got them both sitting opposite me talking about how much they would like some pizza, and that the next meal has to be steak and chips. Sorry, Kiwi version - steak, egg and chups! I suppose the guidelines of not talking about this until two days out has been pushed aside. We would love to be making pizza on board however with the energy consumption of using the oven we can't.

And so I guess we're about three days out. The wind is behaving and helping us along which is good. The end is so near and yet so far. Still, we will get there!

Oh and really sorry to tell you, still feeling queasy every day. Tried all the tricks, it seems I shall just have to live with it :( If Darwin could do it, then so can I. Hang on, he's a bit of legend though isn't he....


  1. Nearly finished wow. Good luck working on the generator.

    Pizza huh, we're have a BBQ for lunch, if only we had some fresh fish to go with it!

  2. Just think of the lovely food your real family are going to cook up for you on your return to NZ. Chris will it be Yorkshire Puds? Don't forget the Pavlova!
    Keep smiling and have a wash girl, you're about to enter Jonny Depp land and who knows who'll you bump into!

  3. 37 degrees!! At 15:00 GMT your track said the temperature was 37 degrees C. You guys must be cooking! Anyway, nearly there.


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