Sunday, January 17, 2010

Home ground!

Oh my goodness, where has the last week gone? So I left you with Sunday, and suddenly it was the flight back to the UK. It felt so surreal saying goodbye to Geoff, Elaine, Tim, Mike and Martine. It didn't hit me until being back in the UK that I don't actually know when I shall see them all next. The flight back was fine, Richard (Geoff's mate) was the pilot so I got to go up and say hi as we were getting off the plane which was pretty cool. Then it was all snow and a bit of a mission getting back to Southampton but I made it. As soon as I walked in the front door though, I realised that I had left all the others behind and burst into tears. Then after that I made a heap of phone calls, emails and then had a night in a bed in a house!!!

Tuesday was all packing up getting ready from my next trip - NZ!!!! Wednesday was getting to Heathrow and now I am home. It's been so weird being here after being away for so long but I am loving it. James was at the airport to pick me up and Dad and Trish were there as well to welcome me home. Then because I hadn't had enough travelling, James and I drove down to Napier for Chris' wedding. Adrian was best man and it was so lovely to be with old school friends. We had a catch up and it was just like old times. I think it's a sign of a true friendship when you haven't seen each other for years and when you do meet up, it's like you've never been away. That's how it felt with these guys and it was great.

The wedding was beautiful, I was so happy to have been able to get home and be there for it. I have missed far too many events like this of close friends so it was great to be here. Sadly there was rain (so much for me coming home to a summer!) but we all had a wonderful day. A big congratulations to Chris and Kris. Love you guys to bits.

Now James and I are in Masterton getting some tlc from his parents and it is great. We did a drive by the house I grew up in and went through town. It's so weird to come home and see how everything has changed. Tomorrow we'll do a catch up with lots of different people, but right now I'm starting to struggle staying awake, and I think the jet lag is possibly setting in....must get some sleep!

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