Sunday, January 3, 2010

Oh no!

Oh no! Today the generator has packed a hissy. We changed the impellor and one of the wings has come off it and we think that it is stuck somewhere in one of the pipes. We can't find it! What this now means is that we will have to conserve our energy as much as possible and I am sorry to say people that that means you won't be able to hear from me quite possibly until we arrive :( This is because we rely on the generator to top up our battery supply and we kind of need all our power to be able to use the naviagation systems and things. It's kind of good to know where you are and where you're going!
Also we are low on fuel so charging up from the starboard engine is on strict monitoring so that means we are going as green as possible. I'm gutted because this means I can't keep you up to date every last step of the way but what I will do is keep up a blog daily and on days we are allowed the luxury of a quick internet session I shall load them all up. How does that sound?

So today has been a day of try and fix it and fail. I started the morning with Digby, had a mini hissy (I felt the generator was hogging all the attention), then came back to play and Digby and I have found that the bits you try to get at in an engine or whatever always seem to be in the most awkward possible place. I think I may try my hand at yoga when I get to land and see how it goes since I think I've had some good training.

But onto other things, we now have only 594 miles to go - woop woop! I only felt sick for a few hours this morning, oh and again when I was upside down trying my best in the rocking motion of the boat to undo a jubilee clip but still it wasn't for the majority of the day so another woop woop! And um, oh I'm sure there is something else. Maybe the fact that we still have physical challenge game of 'How many Maltesers can you fit in your mouth in one go?' to play. And I need to think seriously about my 'Yay I'm on land' clelebration dance. Geoff has started dreaming about his first meal he would like when we arrive, (pizza), Digby has told him that's not allowed because the rules say you're only allowed to start dreaming about that stuff when you're two days away from arrival and I'm going to see if I can go these last four, five or six however many days without a shower!!!!! Scummy hey?!

So we will be trucking along. We're all in good spirits, even if now conserving power does mean we will have to resort to the art of conversation and actually speak to each other instead of playing on our computers! I do hope we manage to fix this problem but if not, sit tight and I'll be back just as soon as I can. Thanks for all the support so far everyone, I saw last night how many hits this site has had. You guys are awesome! Not long to go now, we're on the home straight :)

Ok, quick update. Digby has said they're not rules so I'll just call them guidelines. But I think between you and me that they are rules and he just doesn't want to sound grumpy! And he said that I may be able to write daily when we run the engines to top up so I could be back sooner than you think! Mwaaahahhahahahaa :) (delerium has set in now)


  1. Hey Susana,
    See! Those ginger bickies work!
    On the water pump impeller (I'm assuming it was the water pump impeller you were working on), try fishing about with a bit of wire with a bend in the end. It cannot have gone far, particularly as, once the piece had broken off, the pump would be much less efficient. I'm surprised it was not still in the pump. Are you sure it did not drop into the bilge? Was it a pump with a rubber spider type impeller? Usually when one of their fingers come of it continues to rotate with the rest of the impeller because it is too big to go through the pump exit.

  2. Suze - now that's not fair playing how many Maltesers can fit in your mouth, when you know you're going to win. I think they ought to set you a challenge!
    You're going to be a sailor yet.
    Keep smiling!

  3. Yeah, your mouth is bound to be bigger than Geoff's or Digby's!!



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