Thursday, January 7, 2010

Home Straight

Here we are on the final leg. It's a mixture of feelings of excitement, anticipation, nerves and an odd sense of calm on the boat, actually right now a feeling of deafness as Geoff is trying to play with the stereo and has it blasting Shania Twain at us. Hmmmm. He's claiming it was the radio station....:)

It's beautiful and still today. Good thing we have enough diesel to motor our way along because there isn't a breath of wind out there at all. Sunrise was pretty special. I missed the dolphins which came out to play third morning on the trot. I've been trying to pack and get ready but it's all feeling like a huge task at the moment and I've started just moving things from place to place. Geoff and Digby have been busy doing interviews.

I'm not sure how my own emotions are. I can't wait to get onto land and think is this somehow an emotion I shouldn't be having? Shouldn't I be wanting the journey to continue? But in all honesty I'm pretty tired right now and don't want to be tested anymore on my engineering skills. And I'd love to do some washing. Plus I can't wait to get back to UK and NZ and see my friends and family. I'm worried I'm going to be at a loose end in Tortola and not know what to do with myself but I'm pretty sure there is a palm tree there with a shady spot and my name on it. Well I hope so. Other things going through my head are have I been able to be up to the task at hand? I thought I was made of more steel and would have coped with feeling ill a bit better but just felt a bit wimpy on that one. I've tried my best though with everything, and I've learnt a lot about diesel engines and plumbing and holding ropes and microphones! I was concerned at the start that I would disappoint those close to me and not be able to do this job well but I can only hope that in trying my little heart out that I have done them all proud. And have I done my job to the standard that Geoff wanted? All these doubts. I feel like I'm at the end of an exam and now I'm nervously waiting for the results! I guess all I can say is that I've tried, I hope it's been enough and if nothing else provided you all with some laughs like the time I got sprayed with poo :) In the meantime however, to distract myself from these serious moments, I've been letting off my party poppers at random with cheers of delight. My plan of letting one off at each hundy was slightly foiled with our change of route so I'm just going for whenever the mood takes me. Sometimes Geoff and Digby join in (ok once) and the rest of the time they just shake their heads as I'm sure they're thinking I've started to lose the plot. Yup, check that, just let another one off and Geoff has chuckled and called me a nutter.

Moving on! Last night I went for a swim off the back of the boat. It wasn't the wonderful calm glassy waters that are here this morning, so perhaps I peaked too early. And it wasn't quite the middle of the Atlantic, in fact it wasn't Atlantic at all, it was Caribbean waters but who's checking on the details?! I'm pleased I managed a swim off the back in the middle of some water so that's what I'm ticking off the list. Oh and speaking of yesterday, hehehe Rich, I know, I was thinking of the same song and couldn't get it out of my head either!

And now I'm sitting here feeling like I should get the boat semi tidy and continue with my packing but you know what? I think I may just chill and enjoy the calm waters and peace.

Just a big thanks to Geoff and Digby now. Our little team has finally made it. We've coped pretty well I think, and living in such close proximity it's all worked out really well. There have been lots of laughs along the way, the only other option was tears and that isn't much fun. We've been through so much in these last four weeks. It's four weeks to the day since we left, unaware of how many adventures we would have along the way, testing us all to our limits. But we've come out the other end, still smiling and I'm pretty sure it's going to be a trip we'll all remember for a very long time. Also thanks everyone for all of your support through my whole incredible journey, all the comments have been wonderful and helped me smile as I have moaned my way across the 'pond' about feeling sick, fixing things and laughing at all the situtions I have found myself in. I'll get an update for you on the reception and Tortola but for the last time out at sea, I'm signing out.

Keep smiling everyone :)
P.S. Just saw all those jokes. LOVING IT!!!!!


  1. Suzie you have achieved and more so because of the sea sickness. And what an achievement it has been crossing the Atlantic with man who should be called Bob!!

  2. Hi Susi,

    Just to say thanks for your blogs and good humor! Soon your dream will be reality - no more sailing - relaxing with that pizza, cocktail under that palm tree.

    Congratulations, enjoy your limited time in Tortola. I guess not long to go - so get the bottles of Champs at the ready and tell Geoff to switch off Shania Twain! The BANANA BOAT song seems more appropriate!
    We will have a few celebration drinks too around 17.00 hours.

  3. Well done Suze!!! You have been brilliant and we are very proud of you. Not sure about the jokes though!

  4. Awesome stuff Susana. Nearly there now, I'll be the end came up sooner than expected.

    We'll keep watching...

  5. Brilliant journey and a super blog. You need to keep writing, we want to follow the next adventure. Will see you at home soon. Love Dad

    PS Congratulations to the whole team. Well done Geoff you achieved the dream. Great job Digby you survived the sea and the jokes! And way to go Susana, engines, toilets, waves, seasickness you took it all in your stride and kept on going!

  6. Well done Suze. Im positive you've passed with flying colours. Good luck with what ever you do next.

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  8. Hey Suz. A big congratulations to you, Geoff and Digby.

    I love my mornings at work because I spend the fist 15 mins reading your blog and talking to people around me about your adventure.

    Enjoy the sand and the warm waters. Wrap up tight for your arrival back to the UK. Its COLD!

    Let me know when you arrive back in the UK. If you need somewhere warm to spend a few nights your more than welcome to mine.

    Anyway... you should be use to poo! Think of all the times that you cleaned toilets at PK's. I’m sure you found a few surprises while doing that!!! So being sprayed with poo shouldn’t have been that much of a big deal.

    Big smiles

    Love Dan xxx

  9. On behalf of everyone at Active Assistance, many congratulations to you and Geoff for such a fantastic achievement. Andrew Allan

  10. Has it been four weeks already?? Time flies when you have such a fantastic blog to follow. I'm very proud of you dear Suze.

    The Caribbean isn't THAT far from Argentina... ok yes it is but I wish you could come visit me anyway.

  11. Hopefully you've got both feet on terra firma now! Looking forward to reading both yours and Geoff's blogs about arriving in Tortola - are you going to keep the blog going? I would really like to read about your trip back to NZ and the UK which is freezing by the way - no really it is! -23 was the coldest temperature in Scotland yesterday and -17 in England so wrap up warm after the warmth of the Caribbean.

    Buena suerte chica x

  12. Susana, you did very well indeed!, despite your ills you took care of of my friend Geoff, ...AND his friggin boat. Hat tip!


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