Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The whirlwind stop at Tortola

Thursday was arrival. Friday morning was a very tender head, but not mine, talk to a few others though. I think I was still going on adrenaline. I attempted to try and clean things but it was all just a bit too hard so it ended up being an exercise of pick this item up and put it somewhere else. Not very productive.

James and Lucy were very kind and took me to Snow Leopard where I had a lovely shower and felt like a new girl. Lunch was provided courtesy of Pussers Bar and then it started raining a bit. But the sun came out. Once that happened I scrubbed the outside of the boat with the help of young Timothy who is not a very good aim with the hose, well not when it comes to hosing the boat but when it comes to getting me saturated, he's pretty good. I got him back though, with the help of Geoff providing a decoy.

Todd from the Beacon had been around at lunchtime to take some photos and then kindly offered to take me out to a quiz night that evening and meet some of the team from the paper. It was a great fun night. Although my only contribution was the ten questions on the phonetic alphabet. I got them right thankfully - Papa, Hotel, Echo, Whiskey!!!!!!! A big thanks to Todd for taking me out and showing me the sights and introducing me to a whole bunch of new friends. I just love meeting new people.

Then back to the boat where I got the share a bunk with a hot young guy - Master Timothy! He wanted to have a night on the boat so I was happy to be able to grant his wish. Bit of a hog with the covers though, and we had two!!!

Saturday morning Tim and I worked our way around the saloon cleaning up and we had Doris a cleaner at the marina come and polish all the surfaces. I think it's safe to say we did a pretty good job. It was definitely cleaner.

Mike and Martine arrived with Geoff and Elaine and then I was whisked away by John to go to the Yachtclub for some lunch. I had the Caribbean curry which was just how mum used to make and it was simply delicious. I made another whole bunch of new friends there and was given a yachtclub top which was very kind of them.

And finally an afternoon of relaxation :) We chilled out up at Myetts where I am sure that Geoff and Elaine are really appreciative that I have taught Tim the art of raspberry kisses!!!! Hehehe, I'm such a bad influence.

Saturday night was the fundraising dinner at Myetts which was a nice fun evening. The food was delicious, we had wonderful entertainment and it was just nice to be with everyone.

And suddenly it was Sunday. Time for goodbyes at lunchtime and then I did my last bit of packing and met the taxi. It was all a bit sudden and rushed and I wasn't really aware that I was actually going. I felt a bit numb. Picked up Digby, Paula and Francis and then we were on our way.

Now I just have to run, there is more to tell but I'm in LA airport and my flight is about to board! Such an exotic life I'm leading now. Watch this space and I'll follow on from there :)

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