Monday, November 30, 2009

Where has the sun gone????

Monday afternoon here in Lanzarote. It's a bit cooler here today so I can't top up my tan as I had originally planned! Never mind though because I'm sure there will be plenty of opportunity for that later.

On Saturday night, Geoff and I went and found some dinner in Playa Blanca where we ordered beer and got it very chilled. So chilled in fact that it was more of a beer slushy. Worked for me though, I enjoyed it.

Sunday morning, I thought I should try and pretend to be fit and healthy and went out for a run. It's really pleasant here to run along the promenade and enjoy the view of the coast. Well, if you're fit that is. I was busy concentrating on keeping the forward motion going and wondering why it felt like such hard work. One good sign though was that I wasn't overtaken by any walkers. That would have been pretty bad. I'm not so sure however, that Lanzarote is quite ready for my bright pink and white floral board shorts. But hey, I really like them!

I tried getting a few other odd jobs done around the boat. I spent a bit of time taking apart some of the piping leading to the heads to change a couple of valves. This was all going quite well, until I got to the bit I needed and then discovered that I had been given the wrong sized valves! You have to laugh, well it was either that or cry from the smell! Geoff found something to do outside during that time.... It's all good though, we should have the correct sized valves coming down with Julian (the delivery crew skipper) and I'll see how I go at fobbing the job off to him. Wish me luck!

Back on the boat and doing odd bits and pieces today. These last few days we've had a few visits from people who have seen Geoff on the news, or have seen the boat and looked up the website and are stopping by to wish him luck for the crossing. It's really nice and I'm enjoying showing them around a nice clean boat! We keep offering visitors some chocolate to try and make the mass pile go down so that we don't eat it all ourselves, but they are all being very polite and restrained!

Right now though, I've noticed though that the sun has come out so it may be time to repriotise the list of jobs and place obtaining a dose of Vit D at the very top! Ciao for now.
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