Friday, November 27, 2009


Today we were had the honour of joining the Rotary Club of Lanzarote for lunch. It was a really cool afternoon. I'm going to like anywhere that you turn up and then have a glass of champagne given to you straight away aren't I?! The club members were a lot of fun. What I love about travelling is that you turn up somewhere, people ask you if you speak the language, and your answer doesn't matter because they continue to speak to you in the local dialect anyway and yet you still manage to communicate! It's so much fun, I made a few new friends this afternoon and Geoff and I were even given flags. I was a bit disconcerted when I heard my name mentioned during one speech and everyone was looking at me but after that was followed with a round of applause I could only assume all was good. And then they even asked me to sign the visitors book! Does that count as being asked for your autograph? Yeah, probably not hey.
The place where we had the lunch was in the top floor of a hotel with an amazing view over the harbour in Arrecife. And the food was delicious. Life is good!
So that was the main event of today. Tomorrow we are planning to hose down the outside of the boat and try to move some of this sand and dust that has settled all over ID and then see what else we can do. It's all coming together!

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