Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Well, after many requests I have finally started a blog! Not to mention the fact that I've been promising to do so for ages and haven't followed through on my word.... So thanks for coming along for a read, I'll try to keep you all entertained.
Who would have thought one year ago, that I would now find myself here in Lanzarote, just two weeks away from a huge epic adventure.

It's been a whirlwind few months since June when I first moved down to Southampton. I was still buzzing out from the Take That concert and then went on a sea survival course. Bit of a change of scene and it was about then I really started to wonder what I had let myself in for. But then there was the competent crew course, the ships first aid and medical care courses and not to mention the diesel engine maintanence course to all help me learn a bit more about boats and ropey things (knot tying). Plus I got to tag along with the delivery crew down to Bilbao which was a very educational and fun 8 days.

The last couple of weeks in England were a whirlwind. I had to pack!!!! Somehow my days just vanished. I got to spend a couple of days down in Gosport with MJ who showed me the fun sides of looking after boats in winter (cold and wet is what I seem to recall!), Geoff and I went to the rugby in Twickenham (Go the All Blacks!), farewell drinks on Saturday night in Hambel, I met up with Lenny, Kate and family for a farewell lunch before a farewell dinner with Mike, Martine and Tamsin. (I was a bit full on Sunday). And now after a very early morning start, thank you Elaine and Tim for dropping us off at the airport at silly-o-clock, Geoff and I are now here in Lanzarote.

The days are wonderful and warm, however the nights are a little bit chilly. I am told that this does improve later on when we set sail......I hope so.
Now we're just trying to get ready, and put all our food away (yes the rumors are true, there is an obscene amount of chocolate on board), sort out where we will put things and just generally get organised. It's amazing how much sand and dirt there is around. In the next few days I'm going to have to get the hose out and scrub the decks - got to earn my chocolate rations somehow! I've put my ropey things (knot tying) skills to use with Geoff's directions on what to tie where. MJ, you would be proud of the little trick you showed me for the bowlines. I had to think for a bit though and that did hurt.

One fun part of today though was when I was in the galley going through all the boxes and cupboards. I pulled out one plastic box and lifted out the opened box of biscuitsand had a little jump because I thought there was a mouse in there. (Geoff jumped too, I saw him). Ok, so here is a lesson for some of you (not mentioning crew!!!), if you open up a packet of bread buns, they will go mouldy after a few weeks in a lovely warm boat!!! I'll try dig out the picture of Geoff gagging.

Now we've just eaten dinner, chilling out on the boat before heading back up to the apartment. Watch this space for the next update....

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