Saturday, November 28, 2009


I think today has been the best day weather wise we've had so far in Lanzarote. A great day then to get out there and scrub the outside of ID. Poor girl, she was pretty dusty after sitting here for a month. I'm told it's all the dust coming up from Morocco. And on a white boat, red dust makes it's mark! But it didn't take me too long. I listened to my ipod and was humming away then became a bit concious of the fact that lots of people kept stopping and looking at the boat. Perhaps I was a bit out of tune....Woops.

But now, I'm happy that ID looks back to her normal beautiful self and is clean on the inside and outside. I will say that we are now officially open to all visitors!!! Geoff did come out and demonstrate his skills with the brush. But then a look of alarm came over his face and I think the exact quote was 'Oh no, I can't let you see that I can actually do this! Next you'll have me making lunch!' Hehehe.

This afternoon we had a visit from Elle and Alan who are ex-Pats living in Lanzarote. They had walked past the boat and emailed Geoff from the website and stopped by. After Geoff saying that I had found all the Maltesers they came with a bag just for him. They must have heard of my reputation around chocolate. They were lovely and have offered to help us in anyway they can, like showing us the best supermarkets for buying bulk food for the crossing and things. It's always handy to have someone with local knowledge when it comes to stuff like that.

This afternoon we have been relaxing. It's been great sitting out on the netting on the front of ID in the sun and catching up on emails in the sun. I could get used to this.
Geoff has been embracing the Spanish culture of siesta. I'll let you see the photo and decide if a certain amount of chocolate had anything to do with it..... Tomorrow though because the internet is being sloooooow! Woop woop! Got them up now :)

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