Thursday, November 26, 2009

There is a reason not to go shopping when you're hungry

Hi again! Well, firstly, apologies to my friend Dan. I somehow managed to wipe him off following my blog this morning. All I was doing was trying to change the template. Lesson learnt, I won't play with my profile anymore....well not much.

So here we are on day two in Lanzarote. For those of you who have met Teddy before, rest assured, he's coming on this trip, you can see him on the plane with me. It feels like we've been here for ages but I think it's because we've managed to fit in so much in such a short time. Yesterday was the first attempt at making the boat look pretty, (still need to hose her down outside), and we discovered the mouldy bread/mouse thing which was entertaining. See above photo of Geoff gagging. Today was the game of lets stow the food. When we went shopping back in England I think we were possibly hungry because there is a lot of food! We are definitely not going to go hungry on this crossing. Digby, I hope you like pasta...
And as for the amount of chocolate and biscuits we have. Well lets just say it's obscene. Do we really think we're going to get through two boxes of Snickers, a box of family bag Peanut M&M's, a box of family bags of Maltesers, a box of chocolate digestives, a box of ginger nut cookies, a box of Jaffa Cakes, a huge jar of Sherbhert Lemons, a box of Daims, oh you know I've lost count of what we have. You get the picture. What is all this I hear about losing weight at sea? I beg to differ.
Anyway, so I have literally spent my whole day getting all the food up from the forepeak where we had the long term stuff stowed and then finding places to store it. ID is a great boat, she has fantastic storage capacity. Geoff was very helpful when it came to stowing the beers, wines and juices but then when it came to stowing the food, he conveniently had a visitor about some maintenence on the convenient. I'm sure he was conspiring and had this guy on standby to come along at a quick sneaky text message. All is good. Now we've just got the fresh stuff to get closer to departure day.
So now, after a good honest days hard work, we're heading back to the flat for some dinner and will sleep well tonight although the prospect of lunch with the Spanish Rotarians tomorrow could very well leave me too excited to sleep.....

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  1. always the same with you.... but to be honest, if Geoff would have chosen me as his PA he would need a bigger ship to get all my cookies on board


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