Sunday, February 13, 2011

2011???? Really???

Well well well, it's been over a year since I arrived back home and despite promises to keep up with the blog I somehow never managed to. So on a Sunday night all curled up in my new room at my new flat starting the second week of my new course I figured I should check in and let you all know what I'm up to!
2010 was a whirlwind year with lots of highs, some awful lows but now things are looking on the up. I'm now enrolled into the diploma year of Adventure Tourism at Whitireia Polytechnic and after my first week think it will be an interesting blog as I am the only student of my age, with a few others older and yet all the rest quite a bit younger. It's a slippery slope but I've already been called Camp Mum a couple of times and I'm going to have to work hard not to become that. But really, who turns up on day 1 without a pen or paper? I feel myself getting the old person head shake and grumble. I'm not even 30 yet, what's happening to me????!
Right, must run now. Am feeling that it's going to take a wee while to get back into blog mode. Watch this space however, as Suzy is back :)

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